Story of OES #148, By: Bro. Fred Catron

In 1894 the Indiana Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star granted Sharpsville Indiana a Charter and thus established Sharpsville #148 Order of the Eastern Star. They held their meetings at Reserve Lodge # 363 FA &M in Sharpsville, IN.



Reserve Lodge #363 consolidated with Naphtali #389 in the mid 1970”s. Sharpsville #148 continued to meet in the same room (see picture) until 2013. After 119 years Sharpsville consolidated with Cicero #541 OES.

When Sharpsville closed the Lodge for the final time, it was necessary to find new homes for all of the furnishings of the lodge. The officers all shared that responsibility. My cousin Rebecca Dunlap was the Worthy Matron and I was the Worthy Patron. Among the items that were my responsibility, was our ballot box.



My Aunt, Beryl Harlow became a member at Sharpsville #148 in the 1950’s.My cousins Rebecca Dunlap and Angie Lorenz became members in the late 1960’s and I became a member in 2003. We were all voted on using that ballot box. My cousins were Rainbow girls and they were voted on at that time with that same ballot box. Let it suffice to say, that old ballot box is very special to me, my family and all of the remaining members of Sharpsville #148.

It is important to all of the remaining members that we find ways to keep alive the memory of Sharpsville #148. It was in that light that we decided to give our old ballot box a new life. We wanted it to continue to serve the Masonic Fraternity and help the memory of Sharpsville #148. We could think of no better place for it than Millersville #126 FA&M.