Masters Newsletter 1/11/2021

Dear Brethren,

As a reminder, due to COVID-19 concerns there will be no degree work performed during the month of January and we will not be meeting as a Lodge.  Also as a reminder, everyone should have received their Dues Statement from the Grand Lodge.  Just a friendly reminder to get those sent in.  Grand Lodge took over this function a few years ago.  If you have not gotten a Dues Statement, please reach out to me and let me know.  I will need to verify your address in the Grand Lodge database.

This year’s Master Mason class will be dedicated to the memory of Mark L. Griffin, PM.  Our Deacons are working to put together a short program about WB Griffin that they will present to the Lodge towards the end of February.  We unfortunately do not have any family contact information for him.  If anyone would know that or would be willing to share any stories or memories they may have of WB Griffin, please reach out to me or one of our Deacons.  We would greatly appreciate the help.

Lastly, if you were unable to attend Founder’s Day this year, which was virtual, don’t worry.  The whole program was recorded and can be watched at the below link.  I will also see if we can’t make this link available on our website as well.  Spoiler Alert, Millersville was awarded as the #1 Lodge in the State of Indiana for 2019 for the second year in a row.  Congratulations to WB Robbie Switzer for his leadership to the Lodge that year.


Quote of the Week:

 “A great leader has the humility to realize they aren’t going to know it all, but the curiosity to want to know more.”

Scott Mordell
Longest serving CEO of YPO


I would really like to replace the word “leader” in this quote to “Mason”.  None of us as Masons knows everything or has all the answers even though there are times when some may think they do.  We should always strive as Masons to let our curiosity be our guide and let it push us to continue to seek further Light.  Although the highest degree you can ever attain is the sublime degree of a Master Mason, this isn’t the end of the journey.  So much more awaits you if you just seek it out.

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Feb. 2 – Stated Meeting

  • Executive Committee Meeting 5:15pm
  • Dinner 6:00pm (Come with an appetite as your WM has challenged Chef Michael to see who can make the best Bean and Ham Soup)
  • Stated Meeting 7:00pm

Jan. Birthdays

Yannick Anegbele (1), Horlston Jean Francois (1), James Reid (1), John Sweezy Jr. (2), Roger Thompson II (3), Paul Barclay (5), Chris Nowak (5), Timothy Goodpaster (7), Philip Young (8), Irvin Larsen (9), Earl Miller (9), Robert Patterson (9), Randall Merle (10), Dylan Shiffler (10), Steve Arnold (11), Kevin Ayers (13), John Hague (14), Richard Lucht (14), Fred Schwomeyer (14), Robert Dake (16), Bruce Frazer (16), David Vail Jr. (18), Edward Davidson (23), Harold Roy (24), Neal Stone (25)

Jan. Raisings

Philip Booher (5), David Wilkins (5), Lee Langlotz (9), Kenneth Brooks (10), Matthew Allread (13), Timothy Harris (14), Timothee Hammond (17), Charles Reinking (18), John Sirbu (20), John Knox (21), William Updike (21), Joe Clymer (22), Nicholas Kirk (22), Kenneth Calvin (23), George Chisler (23), Richard Brewer (24), Leonard Coppola (25), Robert Welling (25), Ronald Spratt (25), J.D. Cash (25), Claud Hayes (26), Gene Snipes (26), Donald Bowsher (27), Fred Kortepeter (27), Robert Ratz (29), John Shinn (29), Larry Howald (30), Donald Morris (30)

Master’s Travels

Coming Soon


 Brian Bates

Worshipful Master

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013


Honor and an Honor Flight: A Thank You to Worshipful Brother Jim Hendricks

Honor is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as: “respect that is given to someone who is admired: good reputation: good quality or character as judged by other people: high moral standards of behavior.”


On September fifth of this year, well over one hundred World  War 2 veterans were taken to Washington D.C. for the day to visit the memorial. They were able to tour the beautiful structure that displays the names of those lost in that war and pay their respects to their fallen comrades. Upon their return to Indianapolis, instead of returning straight home, the veterans were redirected to Plainfield High School’s gymnasium. That gymnasium held a multitude of friends, family, neighbors, and strangers excitedly waiting to welcome back these venerated heroes. Each one who entered was introduced by name and military station. After each introduction, cheers, whistles, and whoops exploded from the crowd! Every introduction, every time.


Among the crowd was Brother Brent Williamson, and myself. Brent and I had come to help welcome back Worshipful Brother Jim Hendricks. We arrived around 8:20 to an already steadily crowded gymnasium. By 9 o’clock the entirety of the low rows and mid rows were filled. The upper sections were fairly crowded as well, and that is where we ended up. We stood in awe and jubilation as we joined the exuberant crowds’ welcome. The cheering went on almost non-stop for the near three hour ceremony. Brent and I did not see Worshipful Brother Jim until the final bus arrived, and even then, he was among the last off. Yet, we did not care that we had waited so long to see our Brother, we were along for the ride in welcoming the entire group! Finally we saw WB Jim come in, and we made sure everyone around us knew that we were there for him! The time eventually came to open the floor to the guests to come by and greet the veterans. Brent and I sought this opportunity to quickly find Jim to thank him for all that he does. When Brent and I approached Jim, his face lit up and he exclaimed “My Brothers are here!” This hit me in a very profound way. The purpose of Brent and myself going to the reception was to honor Jim, but in the end he honored us by his enthusiasm at our arrival.


Honor is a fascinating concept, and every man has his own definition for it. Worshipful Brother Jim is an exemplary example of the definition given by Merriam Webster. His response to Brent and myself being there floored me. It helped further cement why I am a Mason. My role as a Mason is to display certain attributes, among them: Brotherly Love. What I gave I received ten-fold; and not just this time, but every time. Any time I have ever extended friendship, counsel, a hand-shake, a smile, I have received more. One day I hope to be as good a man as my brothers, and my hope is that I can learn and apply the honor I see from my fellow Brothers. Thank you Brother Brent for accompanying me to this reception, and thank you Worshipful Brother Jim, for all you have done and all you continue to do.


-Bro. DJ Wood

Good Eats at Millersville

A Big Thanks to Michael Dollinger

Mike Dollinger's Chef uniform presentation.

Mike Dollinger’s Chef uniform presentation. Photos by Brad King

This year we had the tough task of finding a new Quarter Master.  The brother who is quarter master runs the kitchen.  He makes sure supplies are stocked, someone is prepared to cook, and if not, he cooks himself.  It requires getting to Lodge early and is a lot of work.  Who would be up for the challenge you ask? Michael Dollinger!

Mike runs a tailoring business in Broad Ripple called Smoking Iron Alterations (  He steps away from his shop nearly every Tuesday to make sure the brothers belly’s are filled with delicious vittles.  His meals range from Sloppy Joes, to the best German heritage food one can find.

Photo By Brad King

Worshipful Master Hinshaw presents Mike with a token of appreciation. Photo By Brad King


We are all very thankful for what Mike has done.  He helped make this year special with amazing food and seeing the fellowship flourish.  As a token of thanks, Worshipful Master Chris Hinshaw saw fit to present Mike with a custom Chef jacket and hat.


Support Candy May

Every Masonic Lodge that has a partnership with an Eastern Star Chapter knows much they owe the chapters for the support of the lodge.  In those chapter’s you’ll find a woman like Candy May who has lead Millersville OES for many years and is currently serving another term as Worthy Matron.  She is also the driving force behind the Millersville Family Breakfast.

Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a very serious medial condition and the medical bills are piling up.  The Star ladies have setup a donation site to support Candy and they asked if we would be able to share the link on our website.  How can you say no to helping someone who has done so much to help us and Millersville?

Please check out this link:

Help Candy May