Masculinity, manhood, virtue, integrity. These are ideas that seem to confuse young men of today. What does it take to be a man? What does manhood mean in the 21st Century? Well, Brother Brett McKay has been trying to help find that out through his website The Art of Manliness ( The site went up in 2008, and since then has been a wonderful resource for young men to get in touch with the “vintage” ideals of manhood. As a young man myself, I found the site to be a cool glimpse into how my grandfather acted throughout his life and different lessons his father may have taught him.

Brother Brent Williamson, as a part of Man-Month, was able to reach out to Brett and arranged an interview with the Lodge over dinner and webcam. They discuss the origins of the Art of Manliness, how Brett got involved in Masonry, and how the site and what it offers has affected men all over the world!

I want to extend a major Thank You to both Brent for his dedication and work to get this wonderful presentation going; and also one to Brett for spending time with us and shedding some light on what all he has been able to do the past several years.