Lodge Leadership


The Millersville officer line is a seven-year progressive line.  Each officer progressively takes on more responsibility, until he is elected Worshipful Master.

Name Robbie Switzer
Phone 317-230-8243
Email wm@millersvillelodge.org
Name Ronald M. Featherston
Phone 317-625-5095
Email sd@millersvillelodge.org
Name Yannick Anegbele
Phone 317-728-8682
Email jw@millersvillelodge.org
Name Jeff A. Ping
Phone 317-546-2600
Email treasurer@millersvillelodge.org
Name Rodney A. Mann, PGM
Phone 317-604-8990
Email secretary@millersvillelodge.org
Name Brian M. Bates
Phone 260-615-8013
Email sd@millersvillelodge.org
Name Fred Catron
Phone 317-414-0861
Email jd@millersvillelodge.org
Name Ken Fodrie
Phone 317-514-7961
Email ss@millersvillelodge.org
Name Bobbie Dake
Phone 317-765-243029
Email js@millersvillelodge.org
Name David Levine
Phone 317-225-8113
Email chaplain@millersvillelodge.org
Name Drew Rettig
Phone 317-417-1364
Email marshall@millersvillelodge.org


The trustees each serve a three-year elected term. The trustees spend countless hours on building-improvement projects and regular maintenance. If you have any ideas for the building, please contact them.

Name James C. Strauss, PM
Phone 317-842-3581
Email trustees@millersvillelodge.org
Name Fred Catron
Email trustees@millersvillelodge.org
Name Jeff Karnes