Dear Brethren,

However you may celebrate during this time of year, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Happy (hopefully COVID free) New Year.

Quote of the Week:


“A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else.”

Len Wein
Comic book writer

You could easily replace the word friend with Mason.  We are taught this lesson many different times in our Masonic journey. We have vowed to help, aid, and assist each other on more than one occasion.  We are taught by the exercise of Brotherly Love that Masonry unites men of every country, sect, and opinion and conciliates true friendship among those who might have remained at a perpetual distance.  Remember, Masonry is a Brotherhood and we are only as great as the sum of all our members.  Is this not why a majority of us joined; to be a part of something bigger than ourselves?

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Tues. Dec 22 – No Lodge

Tues. Dec 29 – No Lodge

Dec. Birthdays – Robert Cichocky (1), Fred Julch (1), Robert King (3), Thomas Roberge (3), James Sweeney (3), Craig Kraft (4), Michael Redding (4), Wallace Renn (7), Gary Fresch (10), Eric Brown (11), William Mabrey (13), Robert Ratz (13), Mac Fehsenfeld (16),                  Schuyler Hales (17), John Knox (17), Gene Snipes (17), Joseph Fuller (19), Kenneth Fallis (20), Louis Mineweaser (20), William Guarnery (22), James Strauss (23), Timothee Hammond (25), Christopher Littrell (25), Steven Sonafrank (26), Dennis Coltart (29), Dwight Baxter (30), William Krier (31)

Dec. Raisings – Richard Kirkman (1), Clyde Childers (3), Wallace Renn (4), Wesley Eley (6), Brendon Buckley (8), William Faulk (8), Brenton Williamson (10), John Bodenhamer (12), John Lude (12), William Fenton (15), Joseph Cook (18)

Lodge will be dark for the remainder of the year.  There will also not be a Feast of St John held this year.  We will resume Lodge activities again at the first Stated Meeting of the year on Jan. 5, 2021.

Newly Installed Officers

Worshipful Master – Brian Matthew Bates

Senior Warden – David Jeffrey Wood

Junior Warden – Charles Anthony Moore

Treasurer – Jeffrey Alan Ping

Secretary – Rodney Allen Mann, PGM

Senior Deacon – David Allen Levine

Junior Deacon – Kenneth Edward Fodrie

Senior Steward – Frederick Alfred Schwomeyer

Junior Steward – Leslie Eric Meyer

Chaplain – Michael Eugene Kinder, PM

Tyler – Gregg Edward Stone


Jeffrey Scott Karnes, PM

James Carl Strauss, PM

William Butler Faulk


 Brian Bates

Worshipful Master-Elect

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013