Dear Brethren,

Another informative Masonic Education in the books.  If there is a topic you would like an education night on, please reach out to our Education Chairman WB Martin, McAfee.  Also if you have heard someone speak at another Lodge or location and you think we should get them to come to our Lodge, pass that name along as well.  For those who missed the education night you can watch it at the following link:

We also had Craft Guild after the Forget-Me-Not talk.  We had a decent turnout but still need additional Brothers to attend so we can field a full crew.  It is a very laid back atmosphere and quite informative.  Coming to Craft Guild doesn’t mean we are going to throw you to the wolves so to speak and put you on the spot in open Lodge.  I do think by coming though you will can the insight, knowledge and confidence needed that you will want to take part in a degree on your own.

Thank you to the four Brothers (and one son) who showed up to help with the Lodge cleanup.  Unfortunately I was hoping for a bit bigger turnout so that we could accomplish more.  We still managed to get a good deal done but there is a lot more to do so we will have to plan for another weekend.  Please consider helping out on the next Lodge cleanup day as this is OUR Lodge and we should all want to take pride in how it looks.

Coming up this Tuesday is our Stated Meeting.  If you have been meaning to come to Lodge again and get reacquainted with your fellow Brothers and to catch up on how they are doing then this is the meeting to attend.  Currently, with no petitions coming in, the Stated Meeting is not lasting very long; usually in the range of 30-45 min.  So this is a perfect night to come without having to be out until all hours of the night.

Another thing we were unable to accomplish last year is presenting 50 year Awards of Gold to our distinguished members who have reached that milestone.  I have begun reaching out to the members who reached this mark last year as well as the few who have already reached that mark this year.  It looks like we will have to have two ceremonies in order to get caught up.  The first will be on May 25th and the second will be sometime in late June.  Be sure to watch for further information on this and mark your calendars.  This is an historic milestone in a Brothers Masonic life and we should all be there to witness it and congratulate those Brothers who have reached that goal.

Thank you to all the Brothers who have stepped up and volunteered to deliver flowers to our Lodge widows.  The flowers will be at the Lodge this Tuesday, May 4th and Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th so please make sure you get to Lodge on Tuesday to get your flowers and get them out to the widows prior to Mother’s Day.  If something comes up and you are unable to deliver, please reach out to me or David Clingan at or 317-730-6545 so that we can make sure we get those flowers delivered.

As you all know, we were not able to have our Annual Fish Fry last year.  WB Ron was working to revamp the Fish Fry and make it a Community Day Event.  We are attempting to give that another shot again this year.  WB Ron is the Chairmen for this event and he is in need of some extra help to make this a successful event.  Attached to the end of this newsletter is message from WB Ron.  Please read it over and respond to him about any questions you may have or if you are able to help out with this.

We have had a few Brothers step up and state their interest in the officer line but we are always looking for more.  Some have asked what are the requirements we are looking for so here are just the beginning steps.  Be active in Craft Guild as well as start learning the CrossFires and volunteer with the Junior Warden to do one during an actual degree.  We really need to see that you can get over the “stage fright” and are willing to put the time in to learn and rehearse with the officers.

As everyone will recall, this year’s Master Mason class is dedicated to the memory of WB Mark Griffin.  The rocks glasses commissioned to honor the memory of WB Mark Griffin are in and can be purchased from your officers.  These glasses look incredible and are American made!  The price for a single glass will be $10.00, two for $18.00 and a set of 4 will be $35.00.    Make sure to get your glass(es) early to remember the life of such a dedicated Mason and Veteran.

Quote of the Week:


“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Benjamin Franklin
Founding Father of the United States

I am sure we have all heard something along these lines at one point or another in our life.  This can also apply to Masonry in that all the good we do as Masons can be quickly wiped out by a single lapse of bad judgement.  When we are wearing Masonic jewelry or clothing or having Masonic plates or emblems on our cars, we are representing Masonry.  Be conscience of your actions and words when your Masonry is on display.  It isn’t just your reputation that takes a hit, but Masonry as a whole.

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

May 4 – Stated Meeting

  • Executive Committee Meeting 5:15pm
  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Lodge 7:00pm

May 11 – FellowCraft Degree (Seth Meyer)

  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Lodge 7:00pm

May 18 – TBD

  • Dinner 6:00pm

May 25 – Award of Gold Presentation

  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Award of Gold Presentation

 This Week’s Birthdays

Philip Booher (5/4), Raymond Ratliff, Jr. (5/4), Carl York (5/4), Kristan Groseclose (5/5), Matt Allread (5/6), Richard Binger (5/6), Christopher Kinsey (5/8), Alvin Slont, III (5/8), Andrew Koluch (5/9), Cortland Meyer (5/9)

 This Week’s Raisings

Kristan Groseclose (5/3), Reed Cullen (5/5), Richard Binger (5/6), Lee Miller (5/6), Joeseph Ketterman (5/8), David Levine (5/8), David Vail, Jr. (5/9)

 Master’s Travels

If anyone is planning to travel or visit another Lodge or has been asked to come assist with a degree, please reach out to me and let me know so we can get a few more Brothers to go and make a visit out of it.  Below is the travel opportunities site I go to.  If you see anything there that interests you make sure to let me know.  This is also a great opportunity for Mentors to take their mentees to see some extra degree work to aid in their learning.

We are sitting at 8 different Lodges visited for a total of 483 round trip miles.  We need at least 2 more visits to Lodges we haven’t already been too as well as 17 more miles.  Excellent progress in travel through the first quarter of the year.

Brian Bates

Worshipful Master

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013