Dear Brethren,

Well we had a nice Stated Meeting last Tuesday and a pretty decent turnout.  They aren’t as much fun as putting on a degree but they are essential for us to get all the business things done.  Coming up this Tuesday will be a Social Evening so come on out and have some dinner and then sit around and catch up with your fellow Brothers, play some cards in the Parlor, or head up to the 3rd floor for some pool.

Our next Degree will be for Brother Seth Meyer and will be a Saturday Degree Day (June 12th).  This is an excellent time for all those who find themselves too busy to attend Lodge during the week to come to a weekend Degree.  We really need all the help we can get from any and all of our ritualists on that day (pulling on Cable Tows here) and from the general membership in order to make this a lasting and memorable experience for our Brother.  We will have Lunch at Noon and the Degree will follow at 1:00pm.  Contact me if you are able to assist as I still have many spots to fill.

As you all know, we were not able to have our Annual Fish Fry last year.  WB Ron was working to revamp the Fish Fry and make it a Community Day Event.  We are attempting to give that another shot again this year.  WB Ron is the Chairmen for this event and he is in need of some extra help to make this a successful event.  Attached to the end of this newsletter is message from WB Ron.  Please read it over and respond to him about any questions you may have or if you are able to help out with this.  We have our new Sponsorship Flyers also printed so be sure to stop by and pick a few up to take to your work or to businesses you frequent.

As everyone will recall, this year’s Master Mason class is dedicated to the memory of WB Mark Griffin.  The rocks glasses commissioned to honor the memory of WB Mark Griffin are in and can be purchased from your officers.  These glasses look incredible and are American made!  The price for a single glass will be $10.00, two for $18.00 and a set of 4 will be $35.00.    Make sure to get your glass(es) early to remember the life of such a dedicated Mason and Veteran.

Quote of the Week:

 “Don’t ever allow yourself to feel trapped by your choices. Take a look at yourself. You are a unique person created for a specific purpose. Your gifts matter. Your story matters. Your dreams matter. You matter.”

Michael Oher
Former offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens

We have all made good choices and probably quite a few bad choices in our lives.  Sometimes those bad choices nag at us as our conscience kicks in but the majority of us also learn from those bad choices as well.  As this quote says, don’t let those bad choices lead you to feeling trapped.  The experiences you gained as you learn from your mistakes can be not only valuable to yourself but to others around you.  Turn those bad choices into positive learning experiences as you mentor and befriend you fellow brethren.  You matter to not only yourself and your family but also to us here at Millersville Lodge.

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Jun. 8 – Social Evening

  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Cards, Pool, Hang out and Chat

Jun. 12 – Master Mason Degree (Seth Meyer)

  • Lunch 12:00pm
  • Degree 1:00pm

Jun. 15 – FellowCraft Degree (Michael Redding)

  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Degree 7:00pm

 This Week’s Birthdays

Clyde Childers (6/8), Jerry Stevens (6/12)

 This Week’s Raisings

Paul Stone (6/8), Anthony Hamilton (6/8), Randy Merle (6/9), Dean Strietelmeier (6/10), Steve Tipton (6/11), John Reel (6/12), Kevin Ayers (6/12), Stephen Larsen (6/13), Robert Dalton, III (6/13), Greg Lawrence (6/13)

 Master’s Travels

If anyone is planning to travel or visit another Lodge or has been asked to come assist with a degree, please reach out to me and let me know so we can get a few more Brothers to go and make a visit out of it.  Below is the travel opportunities site I go to.  If you see anything there that interests you make sure to let me know.  This is also a great opportunity for Mentors to take their mentees to see some extra degree work to aid in their learning.

We are sitting at 9 different Lodges visited for a total of 542 round trip miles.  We only need one more visit to a Lodge we have not yet been too to complete both Grand Lodge Travel Awards.   We have made excellent progress in travel through the first half of the year.  We will have a bit more upcoming travel soon as we will once again be going dark during July and August, however, we will need to keep our ritual game strong by traveling around and watching and being a part of degrees at other Lodges.

Brian Bates

Worshipful Master

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013