Dear Brethren,

We had a great time last Tuesday celebrating our Lodge’s 169th Birthday as well as presenting 3 Awards of Gold to some very well deserving Brothers.  Congratulations again to Brothers Robert Anderson, Philip Booher, and David Graf.  Special thanks to WB Jerry Collins who conducted the Award of Gold Ceremony and presented them on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Indiana.  He always did a great job with those and he did not disappoint this time either.  We will be having another Award of Gold Ceremony towards the end of June so be sure to watch for that in case you missed this one.  Coming up this Tuesday is our Stated Meeting so be sure to come on out and see what is happening on the business side of things at the Lodge.  It typically is not a long night and I can guarantee you will be home before the sun sets.

Our next Degree will be for Brother Seth Meyer and will be a Saturday Degree Day (June 5th).  This is an excellent time for all those who find themselves too busy to attend Lodge during the week to come to a weekend Degree.  We really need all the help we can get from any and all of our ritualists on that day (pulling on Cable Tows here) and from the general membership in order to make this a lasting and memorable experience for our Brother.  More help is still needed to make this degree a success.  Contact our Junior Warden if you can help with the Degree on that Saturday.  Charles Moore (317-941-5358).

As you all know, we were not able to have our Annual Fish Fry last year.  WB Ron was working to revamp the Fish Fry and make it a Community Day Event.  We are attempting to give that another shot again this year.  WB Ron is the Chairmen for this event and he is in need of some extra help to make this a successful event.  Attached to the end of this newsletter is message from WB Ron.  Please read it over and respond to him about any questions you may have or if you are able to help out with this.

As everyone will recall, this year’s Master Mason class is dedicated to the memory of WB Mark Griffin.  The rocks glasses commissioned to honor the memory of WB Mark Griffin are in and can be purchased from your officers.  These glasses look incredible and are American made!  The price for a single glass will be $10.00, two for $18.00 and a set of 4 will be $35.00.    Make sure to get your glass(es) early to remember the life of such a dedicated Mason and Veteran.

 Quote of the Week:

 “Try not to become a man of success.  Rather become a man of value”

Albert Einstein

Being successful is great for yourself, but are you letting it stop there or are you adding value to those around you through your success?  The following says it best.  Through the Art of Freemasonry, the improvement and strengthening of the character of the individual man, Freemasonry seeks to improve the community. Thus, it impresses upon its members the principles of personal righteousness and personal responsibility, enlightens them as to those things which make for human welfare, and inspires them with that feeling of charity, or good will, toward all mankind which will move them to translate principle and conviction into action

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Jun. 1 – Stated Meeting

  • Executive Committee Meeting 5:30pm
  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Lodge 7:00pm

Jun. 5 – MM Degree (Seth Meyer)

  • 1:00pm (Calling all ritualists!! We need your help to put on this Saturday Degree)

Jun. 8 – TBD

  • Dinner 6:00pm

Jun. 15 – TBD

  • Dinner 6:00pm

 This Week’s Birthdays

Ron Featherston (5/31), Robert Switzer (6/4), Thomas Beattie (6/6), Emmanuel Fahnbulleh (6/6), John Setzer (6/6)

  This Week’s Raisings

David Graf (6/2), Richard Jones (6/6)

 Master’s Travels

If anyone is planning to travel or visit another Lodge or has been asked to come assist with a degree, please reach out to me and let me know so we can get a few more Brothers to go and make a visit out of it.  Below is the travel opportunities site I go to.  If you see anything there that interests you make sure to let me know.  This is also a great opportunity for Mentors to take their mentees to see some extra degree work to aid in their learning.

We are sitting at 9 different Lodges visited for a total of 542 round trip miles.  We only need one more visit to a Lodge we have not yet been too to complete both Grand Lodge Travel Awards.   We have made excellent progress in travel through the first half of the year.

Brian Bates

Worshipful Master

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013



Hello Brethren:

As some of you may know, Worshipful Master Brian has asked me to chair our fundraiser (fish fry) this year which will be held Friday and Saturday, September 24th and 25th. Friday evening 4-8PM will be the typical fish fry dinner with seating inside or under the tent outside. On Saturday we hope to make Millersville Lodge a destination point for the community by having a Millersville Community Day from 10AM to 8PM. This will be a festival atmosphere with great food, open outdoor market, live music, children’s activities, and open house for our historic building. The event will be well promoted in the community. We are hoping for a wonderful day of celebration and unity, not just for the growth of our Lodge, but for the community at large as well.

That being said, please put these dates on your calendar and plan to commit for the year, at least these two days to your Lodge. Your participation and more importantly your assistance in making this a great event are most appreciated. This is way too much for just a few to pull off so the assistance of Brothers for a successful event is greatly needed in the following areas:

  • Thursday afternoon/evening set-up.
  • Tent Food Preparation –both days.
  • Passing out sponsorship brochures – these will be available very soon.
  • Parking – Mostly Sat.
  • Open house guides – Sat.
  • Millersville Lodge info table – Sat.
  • Band equipment move – Sat. AM and PM
  • Clean up – Sunday the 26th
  • Help with Coordination of above areas.

I look forward receiving emails from the Brethren who are willing and able to help with this event in any of the above areas, so please contact there or call me. I will also have sign-up sheets at the Lodge for members to make their willingness to help known. Thank you, Brethren, and let’s have a great year.


Ron Featherston, PM