Greetings Brethren,

Last Tuesday we met for a Social Evening and then took some time to reflect on the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and to talk about where we were on that day 20 years ago and how we learned of the attacks.  I felt it was a very good evening and allows us to never forget the tragedy that unfolded that day. This Tuesday is another relaxing Social Evening and a great opportunity to reconnect with your fellow Brothers if you have not been to Lodge in a while.  Come on out for dinner and good conversation.  Afterwards, head upstairs for a game of Euchre, Backgammon or Pool or just continue to catch up with your Brethren.

Well the time has come.  This is the week of your Lodge’s Community Day/Fish Fry on Friday, Sept 24th and Sat Sept 25th.  This event can only succeed with the help of our Brethren.   Without the Brothers coming out to help work the event it makes it very difficult to pull off.  Even if you can only work a few hours it would be a tremendous help and as an added benefit, those who come to work the fish fry also receive a free meal for their services.  The primary responsibility of the Lodge Brothers is the outside tent/drive-thru service as well as running the fryers so you will be outside getting plenty of fresh air and on Saturday you will get to enjoy the live music while you work.

Also, as in the past, we need donations of pop/soda.  Please consider picking up a 12-pack or case of pop and bring it by the Lodge on a Tuesday evening.  We also need to borrow some large coolers if anyone has one or more to lend to the Lodge for this event.  Please ensure your name is somewhere on the cooler so we can get it back to you.  Monetary donations can still be sent and accepted, however, the sponsorship banner is set and no more additions can be made to that.  If you would still like to donate you can do so by sending a check directly to the Lodge and putting “Fish Fry” in the memo field.  If you would like to make a credit card donation you can do that as well through our website.

The goal for this event is to accomplish several things for our lodge:

  • Grow our lodge – By reaching out to the community in this way, this event will make Millersville Lodge a destination point for many people in the community on one day of the year. Hopefully, by visiting with us on this day and learning more about Masonry, they will also join us for further fellowship permanently.
  • Raise funds for the Lodge – If we grow our lodge, we will raise funds that way, in addition to sponsorships from our friends and vendors in the market. Hope we sell a ton of food too. The event is free but we will have donation boxes situated throughout the grounds.
  • Build relationships within our community, and
  • Have great fun and fellowship as Brothers and Sisters.

So, we are looking forward to a very productive weekend and a lot of fun. Hopefully the success of this event will shape the fundraising efforts of our Lodge for years to come in a positive way and enhance the relationship with our Community.

As everyone will recall, this year’s Master Mason class is dedicated to the memory of WB Mark Griffin.  The rocks glasses commissioned to honor the memory of WB Mark Griffin are in and can be purchased from your officers.  These glasses look incredible and are American made!  The price for a single glass will be $10.00, two for $18.00 and a set of 4 will be $35.00.    Make sure to get your glass(es) early to remember the life of such a dedicated Mason and Veteran.

Quote of the Week:

 “When you are accomplishing great things, do not forget to have a good time along the way.”

Adi Ignatius
Editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review

Taking good men and making them better is indeed a great accomplishment we as Masons do every day.  We start their journey through a series of degrees and even though they are a serious affair, we do indeed have a lot of fun putting those degrees on.  Equally if you are in the York Rite or Scottish Rite you will see Brothers having fun putting on those degrees as well.  Part of the fun is getting to come together as Brothers to do the work.  We have fun just being around each other.  Coming up this week is our Lodge Fish Fry and your Lodge needs your help to make this a success.  The donations have been very nice but we need Brothers to help work the event as well.  I can guarantee when we come together as Brothers to accomplish this task, we will have a lot of fun along the way.

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Sep. 21 – Social Evening

  • Dinner 6:00pm

Sep. 24 – Fish Fry

  • 4:00pm until 8:00pm

Sep. 25 – Community Day/Fish Fry

  • 10:00am until 8:00pm
  • 2 Live bands from roughly Noon until 7pm
  • Vendors on site

Sep. 28 – Masonic Education & Craft Guild

  • Dinner 6:00pm
  • Masonic Education 6:45pm (Explanation of architecture terms in the Middle Chamber)
  • Craft Guild 7:30pm


This Week’s Birthdays

Michael Clark (9/21), John Morehead (9/21), Larry McLain (9/23), Fred Clift (9/24), Carl Hayes (9/25)

 This Week’s Raisings

Ken Smith (9/20), Chris Nowak (9/20), Thomas Selvidge (9/21), Alan Crawford (9/23), William Guarnery (9/23), Benton Moore (9/23), William Sanders (9/23), Dwight Baxter (9/23), Brad King (9/25), Doug Euers (9/26)

 Master’s Travels

If anyone is planning to travel or visit another Lodge or has been asked to come assist with a degree, please reach out to me and let me know so we can get a few more Brothers to go and make a visit out of it.  Below is the travel opportunities site I go to.  If you see anything there that interests you make sure to let me know.  This is also a great opportunity for Mentors to take their mentees to see some extra degree work to aid in their learning.

We are sitting at 10 different Lodges visited for a total of 590 round trip miles.  We have completed the requirements for both of the Grand Lodge Travel Awards.  That doesn’t mean we are going to stop traveling as I would like to see us go for some of the many traveling implements in the area and bring them home to Millersville.  We will have a bit more upcoming travel soon as we will once again be going dark during July and August, however, we will need to keep our ritual game strong by traveling around and watching and being a part of degrees at other Lodges.

Brian Bates

Worshipful Master

Millersville Lodge #126

Mobile: 260-615-8013