Millersville Lodge 126 February 15, 2021
4990 Kessler Blvd E Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Dear Brethren,
Brothers it is an exciting time at Millersville. We are starting to get things rolling and this week
sees our return to putting on Degrees once again. It has been a long time and we really want to thank
everyone for their patience as we worked through this terrible pandemic. This Tuesday will be a
Double EA Degree as Converse Lodge #601 has asked if they can put one of their candidates through
our Degree as well. It is awesome that we are able to do this for them as well as our being able to
travel around and assist other Lodges with their degrees. It really gives you a sense of pride as a
Mason to see Brothers and Lodges coming together to do the work. I know we have some nasty
weather forecast for Monday and into Tuesday morning. I am hopeful that the roads and our parking
lot will be plowed and cleared by Tuesday evening. If we have to cancel due to the weather, we will
send an announcement. If you don’t hear anything, then we are still meeting. If in doubt, give me a
call and ask.

Last week also saw the return of Masonic Education to the Lodge. We had a very well
delivered presentation on Brotherly Unity (Psalm 133) by WB Randy Seipel, Junior Grand Deacon. We
streamed the event through Facebook Live so it is recorded in case you missed it. Here is the link to
watch it and you don’t need to have a Facebook account to view it.

Going forward, we will be having Masonic education on Craft Guild nights which are scheduled for the
4th Tuesday of the month. Next up will be WB Carson Smith with a presentation on Rosslyn Chapel on
March 23rd. If you have a presentation you would like to give or have ideas of what you would like a
presentation on, please get with our Education Committee Chairman, WB Martin McAfee. He is also
looking for other Brothers who have a passion for Masonic Education to assist him in this great and
good work. I would love to see two or three more Brothers step up to help him.

This year we will be dedicating our Master Mason class to the memory of WB Mark L Griffin.
Our Senior Deacon, David Levine, will be making a presentation on our Stated Meeting night. We are
also working on having some rocks glasses designed that will be given to each new Master Mason as
well as will be available for purchase. More information to come so be sure to mark your calendar so
you can help us to remember this very dedicated Brother.

Last but not least, calling all sportsmen. There is a fundraiser shotgun shoot being held at
Sugar Creek on Saturday, April 17th. Please see the attached flyer for more information. This is open
to anyone; they do not have to be a Mason and it is a good opportunity to bring someone who may
be interested in Masonry. Contact WB Michael Kinder if you are interested in this event and/or are in
need of a team.

Quote of the Week:

“My father said there were two kinds of people in the world:
givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers
sleep better.”

Marlo Thomas

One constant thing you hear around Masonry no matter where you go is that you will
get way more out of Masonry than you put into it. When you give of your time, your talents,
your Brotherly Love, Your friendship, your passions, etc, you will always get back much more
than you could ever imagine. I don’t just mean giving of your dues either. That is all good and
well, but you also have to give of yourself. Has it been awhile since you have been in Lodge?
Has it been awhile since you gave of yourself to some Lodge project or function? To make
Masonry successful we need all of you. Come back to Lodge and let us show you that the
reward you will get in return is much more than you put in. Not quite sure just how to get
involved; just ask. The more help your officers have the more that can be accomplished.

Millersville 126 News / Dates:

Feb. 16 – Double EA Degree (Seth Meyer) & 1 Candidate from Converse Lodge #601
– Dinner 6:00pm
– Lodge 7:00pm

Feb. 23 – MM Degree (William Shuffleberger)
– Dinner 6:00pm
– Lodge 7:00pm

Mar. 2 – Stated Meeting
– Dinner 6:00pm
– Dedication of year to Memory of Mark L Griffin 6:30pm
– Lodge 7:00pm

This Week’s Birthdays
Wayne Buckallew (16), Harold Pendleton, PM (16), Albert Hall (17), Donald Weiler (17), John
Wertz (17), Dennis Hicks (18), Matthew Martin (20), Mark Price, PM (20)

This Week’s Raisings
David (DJ) Wood (17), Alvin Slont (17), John Rehfus (18), Bernard Wurger (18), Stephen Brown
(18), Donald Maxey (19), Andrew Koluch (19), Emmanuel FahnBulleh (19), Henry Fahnbulleh
(19), Gregory Hendricks (20), Philip Roberts (21), Michael Dollinger (21), Douglas Callahan (21)

Master’s Travels
If anyone is planning to travel or visit another Lodge or has been asked to come assist with a
degree, please reach out to me and let me know so we can get a few more Brothers to go and
make a visit out of it. Below is the travel opportunities site I go to. If you see anything there
that interests you make sure to let me know. This is also a great opportunity for Mentors to
take their mentees to see some extra degree work to aid in their learning.
Feb 13 – Travelled to Clinton Lodge #54 to assist with a MM Degree.

Brian Bates
Worshipful Master
Millersville Lodge #126
Mobile: 260-615-8013