Floyd Sendmeyer

Firefighters are a special breed of people.  The first firefighter I got to know really well was my 8th Grade Science teacher who became one of my first and earliest mentors.  He told his class stories of fighting fires with flames flying over his head and the peril of the whole room igniting in a flame over.  None the less, firefighters put themselves in danger every day for us.  The next fire fighter who I got to know well was Floyd Sendmeyer.

Floyd spent many years working as a fire fighter in Indianapolis.   I had the pleasure last year of Floyd showing me his fire helmet.  I imagine it initially shone of tough black leather, but now has the wear and tear, dents and depressions to serve as a testament to the decades he spent saving lives and serving the Indianapolis community.

Most Millersville Mason’s know Floyd from Millersville Lodge, Millersville York Rite, serving on the fire fighter organization at the Shrine, and also being a steadfast figure at the Indianapolis Scottish Rite, where he recently was honored with the Meritorious Service Award.  He is also a Past Master from Sojourners Lodge – a lodge who’s membership is derived entirely from active military personnel and veterans.

On 9/11, I pause to reflect on people like Floyd and Mr. Phillips.  Firefighters, Police, Armed Forces Service members, paramedics, and more all put others well being in front of their own.

In 2001 the firefighters and police of New York City came to the aid of a city and country in distress and I am glad to think about and be thankful for their scarifies as they ran into the flames.  I am also thankful for on the men and women in our community who run into the flames, not only during acts of catastrophic terror, but every day distress.

If you are a firefighter or service member, we would love for you to leave your comments below to hear your stories.